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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Assasination of Nawab Akbar kahn Bugti by
Military dictatorship of Pakistan.
Nawab Bugti a 79 years old, great Baloch nationalist political leader, former interior minister and member of senate of Pakistan, former Governor and chief Minister of Balochistan, head of jamhori watan party killed by military dictator, undemocratic and unconstitutional regime, it is obvious that military generals have not learnt from their blunders of Bangladesh and political assassination of Pakistan’s previous prime minister Bhutto.
The southwest and largest province of Pakistan, eastern province of Iran and western part of Afghanistan .Annexed to Pakistan on 1948 after first Pakistani military operation on Balochistan. Balochistan is the poorest and largest province, has great natural wealth and is a major supplier of natural gas to the country. The government has a colonial approach, neglecting the province its due. The central government doesn’t need the people of balochistan, it just want the resources.
March 2005 Pakistani army started a heavy military operation by using the hi tech weapon given by USA to help eliminate Taliban, air force jetfighters, gunship helicopters, and heavy artillery against the unarmed innocent nomads of Balochistan. Hundreds of death and serious casualties among children, women and elderly reported (BBC).
Nawab Bugti born in Barkhan( Balochistan)July, 12, 1927. He was involved as a hero in struggle for greater autonomy of Balochistan and other suppressed nation in the region since 1950s.He and other democratic forces struggled for greater national rights, financial resources and against the establishment of the increasing number of military camps in Balochistan. He played a prominent role in Pakistani politics for over four decades.
He killed August 26 2006 when military started a raid by air strike and sent a huge force of commandos in the mountain of Balochistan where Mr Bugti was living. His death leaves a vacuum that will be difficult to fill.
Balochistan voice of Sweden strongly feels that the international community and UN international should not be silent and refer matter to international criminal court as a war crime to ensure proper justice and prevent such action against civilian by military forces in future. Immediate intervention by western democratic power in general and united nation and Norwegian government in particular, in order to saving lives and suffering of Baloch people and preventing kind of genocide.
Pakistani government must respect the appeal of human rights commission. Amnesty international, other human rights groups for the release of illegal detainees.


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