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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Two blasts in Pakistani city; five wounded

QUETTA, Pakistan, Aug 24 (Reuters) - Two bombs exploded in the Pakistani city of Quetta on Thursday slightly wounding five people and suspicion immediately fell on nationalist rebels seeking a greater share of the benefits of gas resources.
Bombs were placed under cars near a government media building in the capital of the southwestern province of Baluchistan, where rebels have been waging a low-key insurgency for decades.
The explosions went off about 10 minutes apart, police said.
"We've got some clues. Some people saw them planting explosives under vehicles," deputy provincial police chief Salman Saeed told Reuters.
"According to the witness descriptions, they were Baluch. The BLA could be behind this," he said, referring to the Baluch Liberation Army which is fighting for autonomy for the region.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility.
Saeed and a hospital official said five people had been wounded. The hospital official said they had minor wounds.
Baluchistan is Pakistan's biggest but poorest province. It also contains Pakistan's main natural gas reserves.
Baluch nationalists have long complained that the province does not get a fair share of the profits from the gas.
Rebels have stepped up attacks on infrastructure, including gas pipelines, as well as security posts over the past year.
Pakistan has accused its old rival, India, of meddling in the province of rugged mountains and deserts on the Afghan border


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