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Sunday, August 27, 2006

BALOCHISTAN : Chinese Intelligence to assist Pakistan in countering Baloch freedom fighters
The Chinese Intelligence has been secretly collecting information on all Baloch leaders including their phone call records , and their movements using shophicated equipments and networks . Afghan sources told IntelliBriefs that Pakistani Millitary has received some sophisticated electronic devices from china and also some chinese intelligence personell are stationed in Rawalpindi to assist in counter insurgency efforts. It is no surprise that Chinese are baying for blood of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, sources told IntelliBriefs , they are seeking revange for killing of Chinese Engineers by Baloch Freedom fighters , and also believed to be disappointed over the impediments created by BLA in Gawadhar project . Balochis are opposing construction of Cantomnents and Gawadhar Port , which they say will benefit outsiders and a conspiracy of Punjabis to decimate Baloch in their homeland.Baloch nationalists close to Nawab Bugti said ,in the past their leader escaped narowly three times . Now living in rugged mountains where Pakistani Millitary don't dare to venture for fear of landmines and BLA guerillas , analysts say he is almost invincible . His grandson is assisting him in his day to day planning and operations ,and believed to be the successsor of Bugti clan . Chinese have finally realised that Pakistan cannot fight back insurgency by following current strategy , our sources told that a senior chinese Millitary expert visited Islamabad and discussed to explore areas of chinese counter insurgency experts cooperation . Though the details of discussion are secret , was briefed to Musharraff in private. Sources tell that Pakistan is seriously thinking to eliminate Akbar Bugti to please Chinese , and requested chinese for the use of their satellite services for sensitive millitary operations .IntelliBriefs predict that with chinese involvement in Counter Insurgency operations and Planning , Baloch leadership will take this very seriously and could only make the situation from bad to worst . Pakistan will target all second rung leadership and allow senior leadership wither away , a strategy that was crafted by ISI to finish off the Baloch movement once and for all . However , second generation Baloch leadership is very mature , unlike seniors they have shown considerable maturity in their leadership, forgoing personality clashes they worked hand in hand , networking around the world , mobilized world support to their cause . Current generation is the deciding factor for Balochistan and also Pakistan's future , seniors have reduced to mere PR personell .

Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. BBC Full Coverage


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