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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pr. Bush Letter
hi all,

I highly recommend that Baluch parties and groups push and continue pushing this administration to accept our demands.

Malek Mirdora Baluch


The Honorable George W. BushPresident of the United StatesWashington, DC
Dear Mr. President,
I write to encourage you of your fight against terrorism a “Victory” and I humbly support your fight against those who terrorize the great American State based nation of America.
I am a Baluch of “Baluchistan”, the state of Baluchistan as you know is occupied by “Pakistan” the Punjabi establishment are the terrorist endorser and your Dictator friend President General Pervez Musharraf and his army.
I had waited for you to come out to the media and to also phone your Dictator friend and ask him: “Why he used Untied States Gunship Helicopters” to bomb and murder innocent Baluch civilians in the state of Baluchistan?
In the wake of these unfortunate harmful events against Baluch people: General Pervez Musharraf’s murderous acts of butchering of Baluch people without limit was committed in Baluchistan; I would like to also bring to your attention that the world media was also banned from going to Baluchistan in the past and now. Your silence is completely shocking to the people of Baluchistan and everyone presumes that you might actually be scared by Pakistani Dictator General Pervez Musharraf but be very assured that the people of Baluchistan have no fear from this client of hell and we simply ask you to stop supporting Musharraf. I believe there is more to this then I have defined in this context I believe you have more to share but only if you allow yourself to directly approach the leadership of the people of Baluchistan but this can only happen if you and your government take a route you have always feared or scared to approach directly: it is not necessary to always involved third party nations to interpret between the United Sates of America and The Kingdom Baluchistan.
The illegal or legal use of American Ammunition, Gunship Helicopters and other Technologies!
I wouldn’t have been shocked if it was IRAN to have provided the support in Murdering and Killing the Baluch people of Baluchistan but it is was the United States of America the greatest country on earth which supported a military dictator in butchering: the innocent children, women, elderly and other civilians. Who authorized the American Gunship Helicopters which flew from the borders of Afghanistan and bombed the cities, towns and highly populated areas of Baluchistan?
Mr. President, what do you think you will say if you are asked in the court of law or your Military General’s if approached to answer questions and highly classified documents, pictures and recordings of maybe you or your administration or of any the Military Generals of United Sate were presented to the courts to justify: “Why did the USA allow the Pakistani Dictator to bomb and Murder Baluch People with US Technology?” Do we believe you or anyone should be questioned and maybe trialed in the Court? If this was made a reality?
Mr. President if you or the US Military General’s did not authorize the illegal use of your US Technology then shouldn’t you and Musharraf perhaps talk and or shouldn’t someone apologize? These mass-murderous acts of crime and the destruction harmed the women, children and elderly by Musharraf’s Army and he laughs about it!

The Dictator of Pakistan has presumed that he has ruined and damage to your respected reputation in the state of Baluchistan but he has only made unsuccessful attempts. The Baluch people fully support your call “a broad” for your international ideology of the “War against Terrorism” but why are the Baluch people the sacrifice goat in the middle of this miserable unfortunate terrorism the Great United State suffers from by elements of the faith of the Dictator General Pervez Musharraf.
We all agree the “terrorist organizations” and the organized, uniformed Taliban of Musharraf are a great threat to the safety of the International community and the local Baluch communities but Dictator Musharraf has recently recruited INDIAN Islamist Muslims in his Army wearing Army cloths is an indication of him increasing the numbers of his forces and intelligence services. It is also very unfortunate to the people of Baluchistan that this regime is respected and saluted out of fear by the western countries except Israel, Afghanistan and India. This evil tyrannical regime of Musharraf is very much respected by Iran, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, Malaysia some other same types of under world terrorist establishments which share the same mentality and share the same ideology of Dictator Musharraf and his establishment.
Today the General claims to be a peaceful terrorist fighter but yesterday he had claimed to be a Baluch loving leader; reclaiming the rights of Baluch people which had been taken away by the Punjabis and he had declared in his own Media: “wrong had been done with Baluchistan” but he promised that he was going to fix the conflicts and restore more power to Baluchistan but recently a few weeks ago he committed the biggest crime against the people of Baluchistan by Murdering an elderly respected 79 years old leader the Mighty Tiger of Baluchistan; Martyred Late Akber Khan Bugti Baluch. Musharraf and his establishment’s agencies have also engaged kidnapping and murdering Baluchistan’s students; BSO members and political leaders. This is the only direct form of information being given to you. These results will further make you aware of these crimes against humanity committed by General Pervez Musharraf the Dictator of Pakistan.
It is a wakeup call for all of us to remind ourselves not to trust the Pakistani Dictators and politicians as they are two, three or four faced; the negative results of such illegal institutions as the Musharraf regime also have resulted in the creation of inner terrorist cells such as “A.Q. Khan Terrorist Network” and many other Islamic ISI-branched terrorist networks operating against India, NWFP, Baluchistan and Sindh to destroy the inhabitants of these states. The illegal sale of A.Q. Khan Terrorist Network resulted in nuclear weapons sales black market and that is a real threat not only to the Baluch of Baluchistan but to the Freedom of the American Nation.
Mr. President, does the senate house of the great United State of America know of the illegal use of the American Technology by the Pakistani establishment which resulted in butchering and murdering the innocent Baluch people all over Baluchistan by the Musharraf Army or have the senators, policy makers, law professionals or members of the opposition parties not been made aware these unfortunate murderous circumstances conducted by the Pakistani establishment against the Baluch people when Islamic Pakistani Regime used American Technology to harm the freedom our people.
IRAQ: The Halabja poison gas attack was an incident on 15 March-19 March 1988 during a major battle in the Iran-Iraq War when chemical weapons were used by the Iraqi government forces to kill a number of people in the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja (population 80,000). Estimates of casualties range from several hundred to 7,000 people.

The Dictator of Pakistan has attempted similar attacks but in a much advanced approach he has created unsafe abandoned nuclear facilities which give access to animals and people walking in these dangerous zones causing them to get very ill and most incidents result in death or skin disease. The nuclear waste sites are the result of the degradation of DNA in animals and Human beings. These dangerous and unsafe chemicals do not only threaten the Animals and humans in Baluchistan or other provinces but are a great threat to the global environment.
The organized masterminds of the Pakistani establishment of Musharraf’s Regime and military mafia are pumping out free natural resources (why should we let them) and such freebies are never appreciated (they will only use the money to harm), therefore the money generated from the “Resources” of Baluchistan which belong to the people of Baluchistan are instead used by Musharraf to build “Nuclear and Biological” weapons of mass destruction.
Mr. President how certain are you that AL QAIDA did not get their hands on biological and nuclear technology from the A.Q. Khan terrorist network and how certain are you that Pakistan is not funneling money in their own old fashioned Islamic way to these organizations. I really would like to mention that you are still supporting the very roots of this establishment and due to your support these illegal criminals control the law and order and decide who should live or die as they feel they are equal to “GOD” and it is again very shameful to see you fall into their third-class ideology and shockingly directly supporting them or unknowingly supporting them? (Are you supporting them Mr. President?)
Mr. President, I do not want to waste your precious time but I would like you to read and understand this letter because I personally believe your way of approaching politics from hereon forward will change forever if you clearly understand the concept of this letter to avoid further entangling and dragging yourself or the American people into troublesome routes. If you can not support the Baluch people in this war against this Islamic regime then we highly recommend that you do not stand in the way of Baluch people in any way form or shape. We do not interfere in your political and we do not like to propaganda in the United States of America and if you decide not to show support we recommend that you do not support our enemies to harm our freedom in Baluchistan. Preserving Pakistan will not make the United States of America Safe because Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists and our State Baluchistan does not and has never legitimately belonged to Islamic Pakistan and we will never submit to terrorism our call is for Freedom.
I respect that you will not support Pakistan to put Baluch people in harms way!
Mr. President sadly you turned a blind eye into the current situations and your ignorance, comments have further allowed Musharraf to be a bully and he has further butchered, murdered, hanged and killed civilians who raised their voice.
Let’s presume you hate ISLAM and those who belong to this religion it: I would like to wake your attention that “the people of Baluchistan are as Islamic or as Muslim as you are” in real life. I am sure you have followed steps to ensure America successfully continues to fight terrorism but when it comes to Baluchistan it becomes very necessary for you to allow yourself to have a comprehensive strategy to prevent Musharraf like villains who consider themselves as “GOD” are not given any opportunity to abuse your strategy of “War Against Terrorism of the Century” to widen their grip in oppressing the people of Baluchistan, hence creating enemies for you. Also, be assured that Musharraf will not help you fight IRAN that would be last thing he would want to do before he is murdered by this Tehran Ayatollah masters and clerks.
The Jihad – War against Israel
I can assure you 99.99% for as long as you unknowingly or knowingly push the delay button for the “freedom of the Kingdom of Baluchistan” and put the people of Baluchistan in the harms way the mission for getting Israel to be recognized as a country will never prevail for as long as there are Islamic fundamentalists out of control the state of Israel will never be safe. The terrorist “the Islamic illegal state of Pakistan” is using our resources to harm and finance terrorism for as long as we are deprived of controlling our finances and guard our land and control our land, it is always going to be an out of control situation but if “You” the President and the establishment of your government and the US Generals decide to really route a Window of Change then we can expect ourselves to cripple and break all the enemies of freedom where it hurts them the most. (Why should Terrorists have Freeland and Resources, it does not belong to them?) “Baluchistan is resourceful state” the alliance with the United States would be a greater one.
Briefing IRAQ and its failed statehood!
The greatest wrong done is the creation of Shiite based IRAQ and we should start calling it Greater IRAN.
Murder: OSAMA Terrorist Bin Laden
Mr. President the CIA created Osama Bin Laden during the Afghan war against the soviets and you know the rest of the secret stories from your achieves but what Osama Bin Laden did to the United Sates of America is all clear to the whole world. He who was supported by of the Great United Sates CIA was the one who harmed the United States.
The United State and Baluch Unity – Pushing for Freedom!
Mr. President, we are not asking you to help the people of Baluchistan but we are only asking you to help yourself by raising a friendly hand to eliminate the elements of Islamic Extremism and professional doctrine of terrorism such as your buddy Musharraf. This struggle would not only ensure the safety of Israel but the safety of America because with a raising Baluchistan – there will not be a Islamic Republic of Iran or Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the world would have to fear less because a Kingdom of Baluchistan is not an Islamic Establishment and would crush any such forces if any!
A serious and victorious war on terrorism will require a large increase in defense spending. Fighting this war may well require the United States to engage a well-armed foe, and will also require that we remain capable of defending our interests elsewhere in the world. There is, of course, much more that will have to be done such as diplomatic efforts which will be required to enlist other nations’ aid in this war on terrorism.
The people of Baluchistan have tried all sorts of non harmful ingredients and diplomatic ways to ensure a conclusion can be made where all can live safely but again unfortunately any such efforts have resulted in failure since these enemies of Baluch are also the enemies of Humanity, Christianity and Judaism and only have a clear statement – Jihad!
The Baluch Army would like to participate in the United Sates Armed forces to get professional training by getting training to operate tanks to other war driven utilities so be it air or ground machines. There are other actions of a military nature that may well be needed. However, in our judgment the steps outlined above constitute very necessary if this war is to be fought effectively and brought to a successful conclusion. Our purpose in writing is to assure you of our support as you do what must be done to lead the American nation to victory in this fight you are not alone the Kurdish and the Baluch will fight along the side with you in this struggle for “Freedom” of our states and economies.
Mr. President, this is my 5th letter to you to date and I would like to conclude that the point of contact must be with political leaders such as “Sanna Ullah Baloch” like the past. There are other parties and enabled Baluch groups very organized and wait for your humble consideration can make a great deal of contribution towards our future developing goals against these regimes of hate.
It is really time to open the Windows of Change and allow other Baluch groups to participate in this mission which I trust can help boost our interest in the couple of years to achieve our targets.

Prince A.Y. Baluch
Kingdom of Baluchistan


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