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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Political Parties or Groups of Balochistan
Political Parties, movements and groups of Balochistan- IranBUFFull Name: Balochistan United FrontEstablished: 2003Led by: Dr. Abdul Sattar Doshoki. He has multiple degrees in Medicine, economics and information technology from Iran and England.Main objectives: Rights for Baloch in a free and democratic IranOfficial web: DemocratsFull name: Balochistan United Front - Federal Democrats!Established: 2005Led by: UnknownMain objectives: Working for a federal democratic Iran in which Baloch to be master of their destiny!Official web: name: Jondollah ( Gods Struggle)Established: 2005Led by: Abdulmalek Regi education is basicMain objectives: Equal rights for Sunnis in Iran Particularily Baloch Sunnis. . The group has carried out some serious attacks on government forces in Iran in recent months.Official web: Unknown.MobarezinFull Name: Hezbe Mobarezin Balochistan (Balochistan Wariors Party)Established: 2004Led by: Mirlashari; education is unknown. He also led an arm struggle against Iran during 80sMain objectives: Rights for Baloch, no details are available.Official web: Unknown.OstomaanFull Name: Balochistan e Ostomaani Gal (Balochistan People’s Party)Established: 2003Led by: Mr. Nasser Buledai a Baloch graduated in Sweden;Main objectives: The Party is working for a federal Iran where all the nation based States have equal rights.Official web: Name: Balochistan e Raaji Zrombesh (Balochistan National Movement);Established: Early 1980sLed by: Unknown; the group has a pattern of not disclosing their leadership.Main objectives: The group is seeking the right of self determination for Baloch in Iran.Official web: Parties, movements and groups of Balochistan - PakistanBLAFull name: Balochistan liberation ArmyEstablished: UnknownLed by: UnknownMain objectives: Unknown, but the group is currently engaged in an armed struggle against current Pakistani establishmentOfficial web: UnknownBLFFull Name: Balochistan Liberation FrontEstablished: unknownLed by: UnknownMain objectives: Unknown, but the group is currently engaged in an armed struggle against current Pakistani establishmentOfficial web: unknownBNMFull name: Balochistan National MovementEstablished: 1980sLed by: Gulam Mohammad Baloch a Pakistani graduatedMain objectives: Freedom of Balochistan, from Pakistani establishment, no further details available.Official web: UnknownBNP- AwamiFull name: Balochistan National Party Awami group, the party is part of current Pakistani establishment.Established: 1990sLed by: Senator Mohim Khan Baloch; a Pakistan graduateMain objectives: Rights and development of BalochistanOfficial web: Unknown.BNP- MengalFull Name: Balochistan National Party Mengal groupEstablished: 1990sLed by: Attaullah Mengal; Engalnd graduate (chairman), his son Akhtar Jan Mengal Pakistani graduate (president)Main objectives: Equal rights for Balochistan within PakistanOfficial web: UnknownBWMFull Name: Baloch Watan MovementEstablished: 11 August 2006Led by: Qadir Baloch, education unknownMain objectives: Freedom of Balochistan; no further details available.Official web: UnknownHaqtawarFull name: HaqtawarEstablished: 1990sLed by: Nawab Khair Baksh Marri an England graduated. One of his sons is thought to be engaged in an arm struggle against Pakistani establishment.Main objectives: Rights for Balochistan, no details available.Official web: Name: Jamhori Watan PartyEstablished: 1990sLed by: Nawab Akbar Bugti an England graduate. He is currently leading an arm resistance against the Pakistan establishmentMain objects: Equal rights for Balochistan within Pakistan, no further details availableOfficial web: Unknown.NPFull name: National PartyEstablished: 2003Led by: Abdul Hayi Baloch (president) and Mr. Hasel Bezanjo (secretary general) Both graduated in Pakistan.Main objectives: Right of self-determination with equal rights for all nation based states of Pakistan in accordance to 1940 resolution.Official web: Unknown


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